Wednesday, April 18, 2012

nike new york giants game jersey

thank you nike for saving the NFL from 10 years of reebok crappy-ness.

a decade of craptastic reebok merchandise such as pink rhinestoned jerseys is over. that aforementioned product (which I will dare not to repeat ever again because of how insulting that sh!t is to a REAL chick sports fan) will never fly at the laboratories of nike in beavertown. if nike ever produces such a product as the aforementioned, just shoot me and/also just let the world end. stick a [pitch]fork in earth, she is done-zo.

tho now I have to burn all my reebok shiz (such is an act of cleansing) and purchase all new nike gear.
I will never dare to mix nike and reebok shiz in one ensemble. that is absolute blasphemy (and a one way ticket to sports fashion hell).

just burn it.

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