Tuesday, April 17, 2012

mitchell & ness nba legends caricature tees

caricatures arent supposed to be flattering. I think...

aside the fact your dome is the size of australia, every facial feature you had on a wishlist for a plastic surgeon gets magnified like a huge @ss zit.

not cute.

tho these caricatures of nba legends such as bird, magic, the worm, dr. j and ewing (there was no nickname I could recall...or im just a burnout) are pretty fn tame if you ask me.

ps: ummm. if you think chicago bull legend, I would think that dude that played baseball for the birmingham barons woulda been it, rather than the dude who married carmen electra for a hot minute.

tho if youre gonna draw a caricature, a head including a multi-color hair dye job and enough piercings to shame a 16 year old goth teenager id say would be a tad bit more amazeballs, than some bald dude.

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