Tuesday, March 13, 2012

so im back...back in a new york schmooze

in case you didn't miss me...

I have no dramatic or delusional excuses. I didn't gain a child, didn't get married (thank god), didn't die (sorry for those who dislike me) and I didn't go away on some far off adventure.

I'm just a lazy f*ck.

and no I haven't stopped shopping either.

tho couple shabby excuses. iphone doesn't really work where I sit. god put an at&t black cloud over my desk as punishment for being a slothy drunk human being and for not going to church and not giving up booze for lent.

oh wait. I think god and my mom are the same person.

anywho. also I'm a lazy f*ck.

that's all. thought I had to get that splanation out of the way because I really knowed you really cared...


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