Tuesday, March 13, 2012

so im back...back in a new york schmooze

in case you didn't miss me...

I have no dramatic or delusional excuses. I didn't gain a child, didn't get married (thank god), didn't die (sorry for those who dislike me) and I didn't go away on some far off adventure.

I'm just a lazy f*ck.

and no I haven't stopped shopping either.

tho couple shabby excuses. iphone doesn't really work where I sit. god put an at&t black cloud over my desk as punishment for being a slothy drunk human being and for not going to church and not giving up booze for lent.

oh wait. I think god and my mom are the same person.

anywho. also I'm a lazy f*ck.

that's all. thought I had to get that splanation out of the way because I really knowed you really cared...


links of london mr. men and little miss collection

1st of all. no idea the little miss/mr. characters were british.
nuttin against the brits (I work for a brit company), but they have a rep for being somewhat...not personable (to put it holly go-lightly)

so to my much delight (and credit card debt) links of london, my absolute favorite brits next to buuuuuuurberry have released the 40th anniversary collection for mr. men and little miss.

this overly eager american obviously found out about this collection (and obviously wanted to buy) eons before they brought these little giggles abroad. phewwy. only available on british site, where currency is in pounds but if you don’t pay attention (like this a.d.d. american) prices seems mad cheap til you see the little £ in front and not $.


since it was a balmy 69 (hehe) degrees in nyc, my hibernated @ss took a walk to the subway (the train for your non nyc folk) and passed the links of london store. low and behold on this happy weather day, they had… yes. this collection!

and guess what?! I bought myself something. I mean almost as shocking as an alcoholic having a drink at a bar. I mean shocking.

I show you my instagram’d pic of my wrist. and no im not tan. im pale as f*ck (thank you winter). my skin looks sun kissed because of the instagram’d filter and maybe even sun kissed by lil miss sunshine.


listen starting at children’s book characters even melts this steely [dan] heart.


ps: link (haha pun) is to links of london british sight, the u.s. one sucks balls.