Wednesday, October 19, 2011

mitchell & ness new york giants vintage track jacket

so im back from my maternity leave.

I mean where else have I been the past 5 months? either I pooped out a bebe or I was laying dead in some gutter on the upper east side due to self inflicted wounds due to another miserable season by the new york mets.

fortunately or unfortunately (depending how much you love/hate me) neither is the case. womp womp.

95% is at&t wireless’s fault (no explanation needed). 2% is just pure lazy-ness. 1% is called its summer time, who the f*ck wants to do anything but beach and booze? the rest is… well im just out of excuses.

anywho. so my giants are 4-2. not bad. considering the mouth breathing dummy aka eli manning, has had a truly schizophrenic year, only a mental patient would be proud of. tho my support of my gigantes is as mentally sound has my own mental state (ha).

since ive literally maxed out every credit card possible (im competitive) im toying with the notion to invest in more giants gear. tho (let me preface this statement by saying I am in no way a fair-weather fan) im seeing how the giants do after the bye week 7 to see if I should go ahead and pull the trigger on this volatile investment.

listen. if the giants stink after the bye week, quite possible since we face a heap sh!tload of uber good teams, packers, saints, pats, the afc pro bowl team, I maybe less inclined to rock g-men gear.

it’s the truth. case in point all the elastic in my mets gear is shot and/or collecting dust somewhere in the fn apartment. that sh!t hasn’t seen sunlight since 2006.

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