Wednesday, October 19, 2011

angry birds king pig halloween costume

apparent I am an angry bird.

actually someone called me one at work. obvi is cause of my screw face stank @ss look that’s permanently tattoo’d on my face. listen, I was born this way baby (quote the gaga).

personally, my personality most fits the fat red angry bird doode. not cause he pleasantly plump and round, its cause he looks the most pissed off of the feathered bunch.

so as I research what not to be for halloweenie this year, I actually did find something I would actually consider being. an angry bird.


my only thing is, I wanna try to be somewhat zexy in my halloweenie costume this year. so being a rotund fat red bird is just not going to cut it. now, whats zexy is this green king pig b!tch. whats even zexier, it comes with a free pumpkin pig. I mean I think that’s just too much zexy.

who doesn’t get turned on by “oink oink baby”…?

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