Thursday, May 19, 2011

sorel sorellington rain boots

I broke the “im not following a trend” law. I bought wellies. or in non-british american, rain boots.

I steadfastly abstained from the whole crocs trend. even the almighty uggly uggs. tho to my credit I didn’t go all in in my anti-fashion crime committing. I didn’t fold to the whole hunter rain boot fashion hole. well the $125 sticker price also helped, as im newly like for reals “poor”. my bloomingdales department store/american express card met the guillotine [scissors] couple weeks ago. cancelled. end of a (compulsive shopping) era. sad, but had to be done. ok im done talking about it. it gets me all emotional. I cant deal…

anywho. so I bought an alternative and I think trendier and cooler brand of mucklucks (as I like to call them). sorel. that and their logo consists of a polar bear. me likey bears.

actually took them for a test drive in flood ravaged nyc yesterday. I literally trashed every puddle in the 40 block walk home (yes I walk 2.8 miles home, I like the exercise and I promise myself if I walk home I don’t have to do cardio at the gym. I think that’s a fair tradeoff. yes, im a gym rat. and a huge loser).

funny note: I felt uber british wearing my rain gear and wellington wellies yesterday. some reason wearing appropriate rain gear channels the inner brit in you.

cherrio chap…

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  1. Sorel is the way to go girl! What's going to happen with no Bloomie Card?