Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nike trainer 1.3 max manny pacquiao men's training "sold out" shoe

yo. I just found out tim “the freak” lincecum is 1/2 filipino. wtf?! never woulda guessed. I dunno why that just blew my universe. im actually feeling more attached to timmy these days as he’s holding down the fort on my roto fantasy baseball team. tho I am currently in last place. yes, the cellar. not sucha peachy wonderful place, but at least there’s only one way to go. up. (well I would like to hope so…)

anywho. speakin of filipino. they mayor of the philippines himself, manny pacquiao got his own nike line. boom. for the people.

I mean the man, manny already has arrived, especially with that pummeling he gave the aged [gouda cheese] sugar shane mosley last week. but you reeeally have arrived when nike blesses upon thee with your own line. let alone your own logo. I want one!!

and let alone. your own fn shoe!! that’s like being given the key to a city, or given the saint title, or being voted president of the united states of america, or winning prom king, or being named people magazine’s most beautiful homosapien. I mean quite the fn honor I must say…

tho I rather get named my own shoe than all of those achievements above combined.

needless to say I love nike. like love. love. love.

im a nike whore, and proud of it. :)

note: apparently a lot more people love manny pacquiao. the dang shoe is already sold out on after its may 7th launch date.
guess there’s a sh!t ton-a manny pacquiao whores out there…

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