Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nike air max trainer 1+ men's "whistle" training shoe

i literally have enough sneakers to last me til im 109 years old. im for serious yo. and that’s only sneakers, not including my “girlie” shoes, aka heels.

lately been on a kicks kick (haha. funny pun). trolling like religiously everyday (as you probably have noticed the slew of nike product [placement] posts) and “stalking” these kicks im like dying die die die homicide dying for.

im usually a nike running shoe gal. but these trainers literally caught my eye like a hot lubed up abercrombie model. *whistle* *whistle*

guess anything nike that has neon green ie: nike air max 95 neon green (style code 609048-072 <--------- yes that I literally pulled outta my memory butt hole) I love.

that nike neon green is like bacon. makes everything more f*cking awesome.

even more f*cking awesome-er neon green bacon. whoah. mind fn blooowing…

1 comment:

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