Thursday, May 19, 2011

sorel sorellington rain boots

I broke the “im not following a trend” law. I bought wellies. or in non-british american, rain boots.

I steadfastly abstained from the whole crocs trend. even the almighty uggly uggs. tho to my credit I didn’t go all in in my anti-fashion crime committing. I didn’t fold to the whole hunter rain boot fashion hole. well the $125 sticker price also helped, as im newly like for reals “poor”. my bloomingdales department store/american express card met the guillotine [scissors] couple weeks ago. cancelled. end of a (compulsive shopping) era. sad, but had to be done. ok im done talking about it. it gets me all emotional. I cant deal…

anywho. so I bought an alternative and I think trendier and cooler brand of mucklucks (as I like to call them). sorel. that and their logo consists of a polar bear. me likey bears.

actually took them for a test drive in flood ravaged nyc yesterday. I literally trashed every puddle in the 40 block walk home (yes I walk 2.8 miles home, I like the exercise and I promise myself if I walk home I don’t have to do cardio at the gym. I think that’s a fair tradeoff. yes, im a gym rat. and a huge loser).

funny note: I felt uber british wearing my rain gear and wellington wellies yesterday. some reason wearing appropriate rain gear channels the inner brit in you.

cherrio chap…

click for more info: sorel sorellington rainboot

golden "girl" years...

these days, every time I post a new post to this bloggy, feel like im resuscitating (spelled that w/the help of spell check) the bloggy w/a defibrillator (even spell check couldn’t spell that). tho after 2 years of being borned, I think bloggy has yet to peak (puberty).

not that my little puddin pop of a blog is dying a slow death. tho I feel like I am today. slightly hungover. whatever, I hadn’t had a drink in 6 days, I missed feeling hungover, so I did something about it last nite. tho 50% (general estimate, tho most would prob take the over) of my life ive been hungover. so honestly being hungover or feeling “normal” are about the same for me. you dig?

I compare my hunged over-ness with pms-ing. I literally start pms-ing 14 days before the start of my period (.) so literally im only good (sane) for 1/2 of the month, which once again is 50% of my life (tho my family would definitely take the under on that stat).

if you do that math here you scholars, 50% (+) of the time im hungover. 50% (-) of the time im sane. that’s a f*cking disaster of a combo. which probably explains/says a lot about me.

ok enough about me and my drunk insanity. all in all im not killing my bloggy softly and slowly. im just a lazy f*ck these days, and blogging means semi-thinking and actually putting some sorta sensible words together. which honestly, is a f*cking chore. im hitting 31 years old in a month. and 16 years of hard boozing is obviously taking its toll (case in point this train wreck of mindless dribble I just typed above).

btw. I literally just blogged this to blog. obviously my mush of a brain needed an outlet for my hunged over feelings and this poor bloggy just got the brunt of my brain’s hunged over neediness.

thank you for being a friend bloggy.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nike air max trainer 1+ men's "whistle" training shoe

i literally have enough sneakers to last me til im 109 years old. im for serious yo. and that’s only sneakers, not including my “girlie” shoes, aka heels.

lately been on a kicks kick (haha. funny pun). trolling like religiously everyday (as you probably have noticed the slew of nike product [placement] posts) and “stalking” these kicks im like dying die die die homicide dying for.

im usually a nike running shoe gal. but these trainers literally caught my eye like a hot lubed up abercrombie model. *whistle* *whistle*

guess anything nike that has neon green ie: nike air max 95 neon green (style code 609048-072 <--------- yes that I literally pulled outta my memory butt hole) I love.

that nike neon green is like bacon. makes everything more f*cking awesome.

even more f*cking awesome-er neon green bacon. whoah. mind fn blooowing…

nike national fists manny "punch me" pacquiao men's t-shirt

if you’re slender or have a “few” extra pounds, and you want this tee, then you’re in luck. only sizes that are left are small and x-large.
this nike manny p line in en fuego. geez…

dope tee. fists wrapped in colors of his motherland. pretty sick. I do wonder how it would feel to be on the other side of a manny p punch.

im assuming a not so pleasant feeling. tho if that were to ever happen, I’d like nike to make “I just got punched by the man manny pacquiao because I wanted to know how it felt” t-shirts in my [stoopid] honor.

then on the back print “kick me just because im stoopid”

nike trainer 1.3 max manny pacquiao men's training "sold out" shoe

yo. I just found out tim “the freak” lincecum is 1/2 filipino. wtf?! never woulda guessed. I dunno why that just blew my universe. im actually feeling more attached to timmy these days as he’s holding down the fort on my roto fantasy baseball team. tho I am currently in last place. yes, the cellar. not sucha peachy wonderful place, but at least there’s only one way to go. up. (well I would like to hope so…)

anywho. speakin of filipino. they mayor of the philippines himself, manny pacquiao got his own nike line. boom. for the people.

I mean the man, manny already has arrived, especially with that pummeling he gave the aged [gouda cheese] sugar shane mosley last week. but you reeeally have arrived when nike blesses upon thee with your own line. let alone your own logo. I want one!!

and let alone. your own fn shoe!! that’s like being given the key to a city, or given the saint title, or being voted president of the united states of america, or winning prom king, or being named people magazine’s most beautiful homosapien. I mean quite the fn honor I must say…

tho I rather get named my own shoe than all of those achievements above combined.

needless to say I love nike. like love. love. love.

im a nike whore, and proud of it. :)

note: apparently a lot more people love manny pacquiao. the dang shoe is already sold out on after its may 7th launch date.
guess there’s a sh!t ton-a manny pacquiao whores out there…