Tuesday, April 19, 2011

nike hair-itage "hairy" t-shirt line

switching gears from friendship bracelets to facial hair. guess that’s more like putting the car in reverse gear.

saw my boy mykee wear one of these tees from the hair-itage collection (literally he’s like king of tees. when his son was born he bought matching tees for him and the little lad on shirts for squirts. lol).

of course its like trying to find a saber tooth tiger in the wilds of central park when looking for these special edition tees for ladies. almost f*cking impossible.

btw. they seriously need to stop making tees for ladies in pink and/or rhinestones. no self respecting female sports fan (me) would ever f*cking wear that. I mean I rather get attacked by a saber toothed tiger than to don one of those ret@rdedly colored team gear.

anywho. went to the san francisco giants home opener couple weeks ago at at&t park. this is the team one of the most famous crafted facial hairs of today, brian wilson. low and behold they had nike ladies version of this hair-itage tee at the at&t park clubhouse store. its was like finding a saber tooth tiger fossil in the la brea tar pits. couldn’t have been more appropriate find at the most appropriate place.

of course I bought it.

I cant single out one tee, because seriously all of them are phenomenally awesome. so included link of bunch of them.

so for yous that will get obsessed (like me) and strive to buy the whole hair-itage collection. good luck. because I sure will try.

and that would be a very hairy situation for my credit card. eek…

click for more info: nike hair-itage t-shirt line

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