Tuesday, April 19, 2011

lizzie fortunato "dexterious" antigua bracelet

trending these days are friendship bracelets.

tho im a friendship bracelet veteran (owned, sold and worn them since 1989), the newer “trendier” styles these days I gotta say im kinda obsessed. these aren’t your typical “I weaved my own friendship bracelet” with thread bought from woolworth (remember that store?). these new b!tches have like diamonds, sterling silver, mink, extinct sabertooth tiger teeth on them. I mean, hello luxurious.

ms. lizzie fortunato makes my new “gotta have” obsession these days. the antigua bracelet. tho ms. [tin] lizzie wasn’t oh so generous with the suggested manufacturer’s retail price of $146.00.

bah. wah.

btw. another “bah. wah.” point.

remember when you would weave your friendship bracelets and the tape you used to hold up the string kept falling the f*ck off? yea, well. I just remembered that [teenage] angst moment when that would happen and felt that spurt of anger [acid] flashback. god. that was so annoying.

think at one point, I just used my feet like a monkey to hold onto it as I masterfully woved my friendship masterpiece.

moral of this [baby got] flashback moment is the awesomeness of my dexterity and my artistic friendship bracelet impression scores. well and also to cover the fact that I had one blog entry in the month of march and its april 19, and im entering my first entry of this month.

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