Wednesday, April 20, 2011

links of london purple glitter "snip" heart shaped bars friendship bracelet

ok. if there is a word that describes being severely obsessed, then meriam webster you need to let me know.

I cant stop trolling the links of london website, and just “eye-site shopping” these bracelets. meaning: I cant afford you but I’ll rape you with my eyes until I find a way to buy you.

and after careful inspection I realized they make these friendship bracelets with individual bars in different shapes. wtf?! soooo dope.

jesus. christ. I need to snip snip cut cut all my existing credit cards (well the ones that aren’t literally at their chin-y chin chin limit). like stat.

see, that’s like the vasectomy birth control equivalent to controlling a compulsive [hoarding] shopper’s debt.

once you snip them b!tches, theres pretty much no way of impregnating anything any further.

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