Tuesday, April 19, 2011

links of london "bff" mini heart fuchsia friendship bracelet

tho the whole point of friendship bracelets is that you actually give the dang thing to your “friend” to symbolize your everlasting friendship.


so according to my reaction, I can give two sh!ts giving someone a friendship bracelet. I think I am my most favorite friend. seriously. days like today when im pms-ing and realize my life is crawling with needy and annoying friends/people, I much rather have a friendship with just myself. seriously. I mean I cant even stand my imaginary friend for christmas sake. everyone just leave me alone!

I also much rather give myself the other half of one of those “best friend” two part heart necklace. that way, I [greedy mofo] gets to keep both halves. now that’s called winning (I know charlie sheen-isms were sooo march 2011) but I have to make up for my lack of march blogging effort. so im on a sorta one month time delay. excuse the un-trendy-ness.

so another “friendship” gift I wanna to give to my most favorite best friend for-eva (me) is this links of london bracelet of loooove.

tho with the $200 sticker shock, I may suck up to one of my most annoying/needy friends to purch-@ss this for me. in addition to showing how f*cking amazeballs of a friend ive been, but also payback for all the stoopid therapy and time ive dolled out listening to their ret@rded problems over and over and over and over and over again.

sh!t actually for all that, I f*cking deserve a suped up maserati and also them naming their first child after me.

therapy sure aint cheap these days…

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