Friday, April 22, 2011

katy perry opi "girlie" collection

I have like all of katy perry’s songs on my ipod and my gym ipod shuffle (yes, I have different ipods for different occasions in my life). I fn love this b!tch k.p..

listening to her songs even brings the “girlie” out of my hardened [criminal] tomboy exterior. dude you cant belt out “california gurls” naked in your apartment without feelin a bit a feminine. work it [naked] diva!

well to add to this girlie-ness cumbaya is katy’s new nail polish line courtesy of opi. I literally flipped my sh!t discovering this at one of my neighborhood duane reades (no joke I have like three in a five block radius of my apartment. its like the starbucks of drug stores in manhattan).

naturally I bought the teenage dream color (also my fave k.p. song). uhh how fn bubble gum girlie can you get than pink nail polish with glitter?? best $9.50 I ever spent at duane reade.

now I’ll have a lil pizzazz with my spirit fingers and jazz hands during my choreographed “hi, im dancing naked in my apartment” routine while belting out katy perry songs like im performing at the finals of american [naked lonely single gal in nyc] idol.

click for more info: katy perry opi collection

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