Thursday, March 17, 2011

nike jordan melo "orange" m7 future sole

been a bit pre-occupied. hence my absence.

im about filling out one more bracket to going insane. like bat sh!t f*cking crazy. I have bags under my eyes that look like two ginormous cinnabons.

the reason behind these cinnabon bon bon eye circles are the syracuse orange. we blew it in the big east tournament (dang you kemba walker) but looking to go strong in the ncaa tourney. (amateurs call it the ncaa tournament. pansies).

tip off is tomorrow approx 9:57pm against #14 indiana state. no cake walk. no game in the ncaa tourney is a cake walk.
we the orangemen will be debuting melo’s new nike jordan shoes the same day our most famoso alumni will when the knickerbockers take on detroit friday nite.

one word: f*cking awesome.

ok. gotta go. 1st “official” game of the tourney is about to tip off. cant miss the opening act.

btw: this first four “1st” round is bullsh!t. f*ck this expansion. it's now technically the 1st round today. keep it old skool b!tches. keep it old skool.

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