Monday, February 14, 2011

tiffany return to tiffany heart tag "oops" toggle necklace

note: realized I forgot to publish this post back in january 28th. opps. im too lazy to turn back the clock and post it for the correct date. but so ya'lls know, this brings the tally of posts on january to 7, just so I don't look like sucha dead beat (well for that month at least)...

this necklace is like required dress for sorority girls. along with the kate spade handbags, ugg boots, north face fleeces and black tights.

just got back from a trip to syracuse (not talking about the nova/cuse game. im just not). and the campus was crawling with this outfit dress code. the kate spade mention might be more circa 2002. these days, these b!tches don’t play. they’ll be rockin the louis vuittons, diors, etc.

pretty much all the sh!t I could not afford in college.

which, was not the reason why I didn’t pledge for a sorority. I was holding out hope a fraternity would pledge me. then they found out I could out drink all the brothers and their alumni. so they passed.


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