Wednesday, February 2, 2011

stand by your orange

just gotta let it out. I know this is a jolly holly [non-violent] shopping blog, but when it comes to the cuse, I must unleash my orange fury.

plus no other blogs want to listen to my sh!t so this is my only microphone. so deal with it.

I just want to address those stoopid made up soap opera story line rumors that have been floating around since last night about point shaving by scoop jardine (and allegedly couple others). its f*cking horsesh!t. made up lies by haters of the syracuse basketball program (ie: fans of other teams on the big east).

its been a perfect sh!t storm of sh!tty basketball the cuse has been playing lately. sh!tty shooting. sh!tty rebounding. sh!tty ball handling. sh!tty free throw shotting. even our sh!tty is sh!tty. but that’s no reason to allege point shaving scandal to our team. so we’ve had a rocky past four games, but unlike a sh!tty marriage, the cuse doesn’t cheat.

like as a loyal wife to a cheating husband, I stand by my team. and I stand by scoop. I’ll be rocking your #11 jersey tonight as I watch cuse battle the huskies hush puppies of uconn.

gooo cuse.

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