Wednesday, February 2, 2011

photojojo juice box "cutesy" camera

don’t think a capri sun would work as a good vessel for a 35mm camera. I mean its most certainly a fail for being a vessel for juice. 9.5 outta 10 times capri sun finds a way to explode its juice onto me. sometimes to no fault of mine (I swear I didn’t even squeeze it!).

cardboard juice box is the architecturally sound way to go, in terms of housing juices. and now why not a 35mm camera?

slap on a cutesy apple cartoony character in front of the camera, and you got me sold into buying this. im one of those stoopids that buys a coat cause the lining has a cute pattern, or cute buttons or cute zippers. im an advertising exec’s ultimate [teenage] dream.

…and definitely not in the zexy sexual manner.

click for more info: photojojo juice box camera

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