Wednesday, February 2, 2011

photojojo fuzzy wuzzy was a "love" felt camera case

a big grassy @ss to my buddy jenny jen. she referred me to this website with cool gear for your camera. almost a bit too cool, cause im about to wipe this website’s inventory clean. like lysol bacteria free clean, biotch.

first thing that caught my eye on the photojojo website (like puppy love at first sight) was the fuzzy wuzz. it just wasn’t the fuzz’s good looks, it was his heart felt [hehe. pun] colorful personality.

since the fuzz isn’t compatible with my diggie slr (even agreed they weren’t an ideal love match) I must buy a point and shoot at once.

typical shopping strategy for me. you buy the camera for the case. obviously, I like to go against the grain. I mean who buys cases for cameras anymore, that’s boring. first ya find a cool case, then a cool camera. youre guaranteed a perfect fit.

ps: ugh. all this love talk. valentine’s day must be around the corner.


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