Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nikon af-s nikkor 85mm "appendage" f/1.4 lens

this lens almost maybe worth getting evicted for.

my next paycheck should go to rent. keyword: should

I feel its almost cheating taking pictures with this superstud lens. it takes the rad-est (yes I said rad and even added a hyphenated post adjective appendage) pictures ever. I mean, I bet the bestest of photographers almost second guess themselves using this lens. is it me and my talent? or is it the gosh dang amazeballs lens taking these amazeballs pictures?

photographer is of course gonna take all the glory.

meanwhile, the camera body is like, where’s my shout out in taking this amazeballs picture? without me, this picture would be nothing.

and meanwhile, the talented appendage of lens [lead singer] is like im the star! I make the picture.

god. this is sounding just like a dysfunctional 80’s [big] hair rock band.

[insert]: guns n roses e! true hollywood story…here (aqui)

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