Tuesday, February 8, 2011

nike dri-fit obsessed "sweat" women's training capris

heather grey. the [enema] enemy color to all gym rats. no other color in the world accents pit stains and sweat marks as severely (and sheepishly embarrassing) than…

heather grey.

to men, sweat stains are a like valor of glory. aka, I pump iron so hard [in my best aaah-rnold schwarznegger voice] I drip in sweat.
to women, its almost as mortifying as a period stain thru the pants. I know gross. it’s the only ym magazine “say anything” embarrassing moment I could muster [mustard].

women aren’t supposed to fart, spit, burp, poo, sneeze, cough, hiccup, blink (im an exception). let alone sweat. ugh, the horror! no lady stick maximum strength deodorant can control all that sweat.

sorry guys we women are im afraid to say, human.

so I just bought these nike dri-fit pants, hoping it’ll solve some butt crotch pit sweat marks issues ive been having lately at the gym.
furthermore, as a tribute to the namesake of these pants (obsessed) I am obsessed, bought 2 colors already.

knowing nike. if I were to get sweat [ink blot] marks with these pants, nike would’ve specifically manufactured the material to only sweat marks shaped like nike swooshes.

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