Wednesday, February 9, 2011

jimmy choo "choo" double-banded bootie

remember jimmy choo’s? remember manolo blaniks? the [drug] shoes of choice of ms. carrie bradshaw? hellooooo lova…

these days christian louboutin has the current monopoly on uber designer shoes. I don’t even remember hearing about chrissy loub during the original sex and the city heydays. he’s definitely made up for it these days. cant go a block without seeing some wannabe fashionistas pumpin the streets in their red lacquered chrissy loub’s.

so im showin jimmy choo choo some love love for the 1st time on this bloggy.

this heeled bling o’ sole is a mix of a peep toe pump and a bootie. tho a bootie is already a hybrid between a boot and anke boot. so this thing essentially is a shoe mutt.

click for more info: jimmy choo double-banded bootie

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