Wednesday, February 9, 2011

jess maharry dollop of "warming" sunlight ring

I don’t even know how the sun looks like anymore. like what color is it?

its been the longest marathon of a winter ive ever experience in my life. and its not nearly over yet. 40 more days. but who cares? feel like it’ll be winter forever.

listen. I adore the planet. I try to be nice to the environment by recycling, being green, yadda yadda. but after running this hamster wheel of a never-ending winter, im almost cheering for global warming. sorry al gore.

tho the only glee aside from the tv show gLee (which uh, is my new fave obsession) ive seen lately is this ring. my face de-frosted for a hot minute and felt the warmth of the citrine.

yes. I said warmth of the citrine. if im quoting (and confirmed that I quoted) statements like that, I must be losing it.

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