Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gorjana astrology "cuspy" charm bracelet

and it comes in a matching bracelet…!

so for you loonies like me who actually are on the cusp of two signs (yes. this explains a lot of my [multiple] personalities and/or witty charm) you can wear one sign on your neck and the other on your wrist. ugh. fashion stylist genius I am. I need my own show on bravo.

ps: sorry to you cuspy schizophrenic people. bracelet only comes in gold on shopbop.

pps: if youre I die I die I die I die like bananas dyyyyying to know my other sign. its cancer. hence why I have an “anger management” section of my blog. I am pretty crabby in general/naturally.

[cue] boisterous laughter.

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