Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gorjana astrology "dead beat" charm necklace

I promise not to be sucha deadbeat [mom] blogger from now on. I’ll make more of an attempt to write on my bloggy as much as I can. im also afraid blogger might seize custody of bloggy due to my lack of visitation these past couple months. god. this is sounding like an episode of teen mom 2. ugh…

anywho. im starting off the month of february (yay. crazy aquarian month) like a rockstar. plus its also the birthday month of my bloggy blog. he/she she/he will be 2 years old on february 18th! god. im the mother to a legitimate toddler now.

if youre a horoscope/astrology junkie like me, its known fact geminis (me) are like b.f.f.’s to aquarians (my blog + like 90 of my real/facebook friends), and vice versa. to spare the non-believers/I don’t give a f*ck of horoscopy, I wont go into further detail of this astrological mumbo gumbo jumbo.

in a nutsell: geminis + aquarians = crazy two faced fickle witty like you just got sucked into a tornado and spit the f*ck out funky bunch. ok, more like a ginormous humongo nutshell.

so like if you don’t want to be like sooo cliché and wear those letter charm necklaces with your initials (as I wear my “a” necklace I bought for $9.99 at tj maxx. loser) gorjana makes these astrology charm necklaces.

they come in gold or silver. usually the poor people (me) buy silver, cause its cheaper. but not in this case. they’re both $45!

ps: whomp whomp. geminis are out of stock in gold. guess this poop pauper is stuck with silver again.

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