Tuesday, February 1, 2011

corey arnold fish-work: the "hubba" bering sea

this guy corey arnold is one of my fave photographers.

admittedly I first saw him on that tv show about king crab fisherman [hubba hubba] the deadliest catch couple years ago. I swear, king crab fisherman are like the construction workers of the seas. blue collar scruffy hottie hotties. and I gotta say the crew of the rollo was the hubba hubb-iest and funniest of em all. but that’s not the main reason I watched that show [*wink wink*]…

devastatingly the crew was not asked back for future seasons. I myself almost caused a minor riot at the discovery channel’s “contact us” email mailbox, urging them to bring back the rollo crew. obviously with no avail.

but ive been following corey’s photography career ever since. and no. that’s not considering stalking. I actually admire his artistic talents as im a fledgling photographer myself.


sooo I was excited to hear that he is now a book. lol. I meant his work is now a book! how exciting. his photography steez (style for you non urban dictionary people) is so hilarious, his images brings a cheeky to cheek grin to my face.

I hope to someday get off my lazy high horse @ss and start posting my photographs for reals on a website. and maybe one day make some dough from it.

seriously. im talented! I took photography 201 in college. I can work the auto focus on a camera like pro.

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