Wednesday, February 9, 2011

christian louboutin super "accidently" platform mary jane pump

as a tall [amazonian] 5’8” gal, pumpin thru the streets of nyc, ive noticed lately the lack thereof of tall men out there. I just chalked it up to men in nyc were just short, and the implant yuppies were just even shorter. and its not just me, other gals have the same sentiment.

then I walked into saks into their 10022-shoe (yes its so big, it has its own zip code, just like my closet should) and “accidently” wandered into the chrissy louboutin department. i mean I was afraid to trip and fall and “accidently” land on one of the 7” heeled shoes, and get “accidently” stabbed in the chest-icles. holy [sky] high heels.

these lady super-platform mary jane heels, the name says it all. you literally need to be a super hero to just walk in these. neiman doesn’t even list the height of the heel, because im sure its just so obscenely(like x-rated, like parental advisory sh!t) high, they wont even bother telling you.

anywho, no wonder men are getting shorter in nyc. its cause these b!tches are wearing like 12” heels. and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

now we just need to get men in heels. its gonna happen, its nature’s act of homeostasis.

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