Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ash flirt "hate" kitten heel sneakers

I hate kitten heels. you wear 4” and higher or bust [your @ss] none of this mid kitten heel sh!t

I hate when casual shoes/sneakers are made into high heeled shoes (aka that jenny from the block construction boot looking high heeled sh!t jlo wore in that video. ugh. cheesy. so cheesy im gonna call it cheesy in espanol. muy queso)

I hate when other shoe makers rip off other shoe maker’s designs (see said referenced above. also sketchers and steve madden are notorious perpetrators)

I hate chuck taylors (well after the hipsters ruined it for me)

this ash shoe has every “I hate” requirement fulfilled. and somehow I kinda dig these. theyve found (squeezed) a soft spot in my bitter heart.

im really either im going soft or *gasp*! my style is changing?


I hate change (like severly)

this maybe a sign of maturity and/or im starting to like the cheesy.

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