Wednesday, February 9, 2011

apple macbook "skinny" air

speakin of sex and the city…

even before all the hipsters/yuppies ruined it by all “becoming” mac-whores in the late 2000’s, carrie bradshaw set the trend with her old skool pre OSX black macbook in the 90’s. remember that? she’s type away on that little macbook on the [endless] trials and many many tribulations of single ladies in nyc. remember the episode when her lumberjack boyfriend aiden tried to fix it, and instead crashed it?

yea, next time you have tech problems, don’t trust your plaid wearing, turquoise ring wearing, carpenter paul bunyon boyfriend to fix it. its like asking a caveman how to jailbreak your iphone. 100% fail.

anywho. macbooks have come along way since the 90’s. just like the sizes of women’s clothing these days, these laptops get skinnier and skinnier. so skinny, they call the skinniest mac laptop the macbook air. and of course, I want. the smallest literally is smaller than your average ruler (and also most men’s private appendages). 11”!

ps: much thanks to e! for re-running sex and the city. ive literally watched every episode like 50 times each. almost as much as ive watched every single saved by the bell episode (thank you tbs).

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