Monday, February 14, 2011

anne sportun fiery "freebee" garnet necklace

happy valentine’s day f*ckers.

for those of you batting for the opposing team (aka desperate and/or single), don’t fret my pet…

sorry, spaced out for like 10 minutes thinking about the upsides of not having a valentine this year (or well every year since the age of 0). apparently, I thought took so long, by brain’s screen saver got activated.

…I still got nuttin.

at least tomorrow, you can march into any duane reade or cvs and get valentine’s day candy at a discounted price. tho, downside (boo) you will get fat if you eat all that candy, well in one sitting. which is highly likely. blame it on emo eating.

what would be a humongous upside is if all the jewelry that had hearts (and/or was the color red) went on a massive discount too. massive meaning 90% discount. listen, if this [desperate] idiot is gonna buy her own valentine’s day gift, let alone jewelry for myself, she should get the pity discount. (notice the use of 3rd person, as I would not admittedly buy myself jewelry in such a public way).

at least “she’s” not asking for freebee jewelry.

anne sportun’s little fiery masterpiece unfortunately isn’t free. it isn’t even on sale. poo. im just going to print it out in color, cut it out and wear it, as that’s the closest I’ll get to ever getting it.

oh wait. I don’t have a printer at home. and the printer at work is black and white. doo. doo…

happy fn doo-doo poo-poo v-day d-day.

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