Friday, January 14, 2011

syracuse beat "fanatical" nova II tee

taking a break from hibernation and showin the bloggy some looove.

plus in uber bored at work and sick of staring/trying to will the clock to turn 5:00pm (aka: world’s official time for happy hour). its almost as popular as that other official time to do bad things. 4:20 (am or pm tho. potheads obviously have no sense of time or care what time they blaze. not that drunks don’t either). tho if you start drinking at 5:00am you might have a legitimate problem. (aka: alcoholic).

so our (the syracuse orangemen) yearly matchup with villanova is approaching. not so much the hoopla/record setting implications as last years (which this maniac was at in person and drunk). but just as importante as this will be a matchup of 2 top 10 teams. we’re ranked higher tho. #4 b!tches.

listen. I kno about 99.7% of the world doesn’t give two sh!ts of all my syracuse rambling. but the rest of the 0.3% population of the world who are fanatical orangemen fans do. I do it for the orangepeople. big ups to the cuse.

ps: they made new tees for 2011’s blessed cuse/nova matchup. not as cool as the original beat nova tees (of course I have one).

plus my closet it literally about to upchuck with all the f*cking orange gear I have. I don’t need another freakin tee. unless one of my fellow devoted fanatical orangepeople wanna buy me one for a really belated thanksgiving/christmas gift, I will glady accept.

beat nova. b!tches.

click for more info: syracuse beat nova II tee

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