Friday, January 28, 2011

orla kiely summer flower "cruelty" large tote

for serious sometimes I forget I have a blog. hence, why im not allowed pets and/or plants. 99.9% guarantee they will die in the care of my hands. 99.999% cause of death will be starvation because I would’ve forgotten to feed/water the poor things. someone call the a.s.p.c.a. and/or the foundation for cruelty to herbivores (I don’t know the official name off the top of my head)…

speaking of herbivores. our favorite floral handbag making brit oral kiely unveils her new spring 2011 line. couldn’t come at the bestest time. after nyc got a tsunami of that white powder stuff this week (not the narcotic, that white frozen sh!t that I wont say by name. that’s how much I hate it) this miserable new yorker needs some optimistic spring sh!t to cheer me up.

enter. orla. her new jolly line of bags brings a smile to my wretched frozen face. tho looking at the retail price prompted me to pop a xanax.

I just cant win. t.g.i.f. I guess…

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  1. Everyone loves to receive flowers. Give loved ones the gift that will last forever and not wilt away in a matter of weeks.