Friday, January 14, 2011

little marc jacobs embellished mouse "fetus" ballet flats

I think this is why god has not allowed me to have children. he knew marc (of marc jacobs) would create a kid-dy line of stuff. he knew that this materialistic b@stard (me) would pretty much outfit my kid in all little marc jacobs. I mean, if marc made sizes smaller than newborn, this nut job (me) woulda somehow found a way to outfit my unborn fetus while still in the womb while still swimming in its amniotic fluid sack. how cute would fetus look in a fetus marc jacobs two piece swim suit!? I know. im a sick f*ck.

I need help.

so ok. so the reason god hasn’t allowed me to have kids is, the world debt, let alone the national debt as we all know is outrageous. the big guy (god) thought the extra spend-a-ture/damage I would do having my kids/fetuses outfitted in all marc would tip the debt over the edge where it would spell doom to the human population/economy. aka: the world would be ruined.

smart guy that god. guess this is a prime example of homeostasis. I think that’s what I think that means.

ps: I almost got these ballet flats in the adult version (for me of course). another reason I shouldn’t have kids, it’ll be buy kid one outfit = mommy gets ten outfits. its only fair…

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