Friday, January 28, 2011

kikkerland camera "scatron" sharpener

who uses pencils these days anyways? let alone who writes pen to paper anymore? thanks to email/internet (aka the causes of the impending apocalypse) writing devices such as the pen or the pencil have become somewhat obsolete (well in my eyes). ie: sh!t I mean I don’t even know how to wrote cursive anymore.

tho, im an old skool cat. whilst sitting at my desk (diligently “working” on a friday) I stare at my dixon ticonderoga #2 pencil. remember those yellow/green things? sometimes looking at one sends shivers down my soul (I get flashbacks of scantron sheets and the SATs). ugh. I shudder.

I’ll never ever take another standardized test for the rest of my life. hence, why I haven’t done the whole grad school thing. tho, I told my parents im avoiding grad school is to save them from immense debt, when they should be enjoying their retirement years. chalk up another lie to the parents. tho, I guess I should be paying for my own grad school since im no longer a minor and a responsibility [leech/nuisance] to my parents.

I miss sharpening my pencil in those old wind up sharpeners. you know the ones with different size holes (keep PG-13 thoughts please) that were bolted to some sorta ledge? I got some dinky battery operated (keep PG-13 thoughts please) sharpener on my desk.

this camera one would be pretty fn rad addition to the real estate of my work desk. yes. I just used the word rad.


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