Friday, January 28, 2011

kikkerland camera "scatron" sharpener

who uses pencils these days anyways? let alone who writes pen to paper anymore? thanks to email/internet (aka the causes of the impending apocalypse) writing devices such as the pen or the pencil have become somewhat obsolete (well in my eyes). ie: sh!t I mean I don’t even know how to wrote cursive anymore.

tho, im an old skool cat. whilst sitting at my desk (diligently “working” on a friday) I stare at my dixon ticonderoga #2 pencil. remember those yellow/green things? sometimes looking at one sends shivers down my soul (I get flashbacks of scantron sheets and the SATs). ugh. I shudder.

I’ll never ever take another standardized test for the rest of my life. hence, why I haven’t done the whole grad school thing. tho, I told my parents im avoiding grad school is to save them from immense debt, when they should be enjoying their retirement years. chalk up another lie to the parents. tho, I guess I should be paying for my own grad school since im no longer a minor and a responsibility [leech/nuisance] to my parents.

I miss sharpening my pencil in those old wind up sharpeners. you know the ones with different size holes (keep PG-13 thoughts please) that were bolted to some sorta ledge? I got some dinky battery operated (keep PG-13 thoughts please) sharpener on my desk.

this camera one would be pretty fn rad addition to the real estate of my work desk. yes. I just used the word rad.


orla kiely summer flower "cruelty" large tote

for serious sometimes I forget I have a blog. hence, why im not allowed pets and/or plants. 99.9% guarantee they will die in the care of my hands. 99.999% cause of death will be starvation because I would’ve forgotten to feed/water the poor things. someone call the a.s.p.c.a. and/or the foundation for cruelty to herbivores (I don’t know the official name off the top of my head)…

speaking of herbivores. our favorite floral handbag making brit oral kiely unveils her new spring 2011 line. couldn’t come at the bestest time. after nyc got a tsunami of that white powder stuff this week (not the narcotic, that white frozen sh!t that I wont say by name. that’s how much I hate it) this miserable new yorker needs some optimistic spring sh!t to cheer me up.

enter. orla. her new jolly line of bags brings a smile to my wretched frozen face. tho looking at the retail price prompted me to pop a xanax.

I just cant win. t.g.i.f. I guess…

Friday, January 14, 2011

little marc jacobs infant "doodle" hot dog cotton overalls

ok. ok. ok. last one. im actually starting to annoy myself with all this little marc posting. lol…

remember back in the day (I mean like the stone ages) when the stylish youth of the 80’s used to tear holes in their acid wash jeans and doodle on them. oh and back in the day also when it was f*cking cool for you to wear them osh kosh b’gosh overalls (with 1 strap unclipped, of course).

well this baby little marc overalls is the essence of my trip down [fashion] memory lane.

ok. im checked out. taking me waaay too long to write this dang post.

peace out b!tches. off to h.h.

little marc jacobs "gibble" lace 2pc bandeau swimsuit

ask and you shall receive.

ahh! a 2 piece little marc jacobs for my unborn fetus! now we gotta figure a way to get this thang on little fetus.

well. when the time comes. of course…

ps: if you’re reading this gibble gabble and have absolute no clue what the f*ck (w.t.f.) im talking about. see referenced post below. not that that makes any sense either.

little marc jacobs embellished mouse "fetus" ballet flats

I think this is why god has not allowed me to have children. he knew marc (of marc jacobs) would create a kid-dy line of stuff. he knew that this materialistic b@stard (me) would pretty much outfit my kid in all little marc jacobs. I mean, if marc made sizes smaller than newborn, this nut job (me) woulda somehow found a way to outfit my unborn fetus while still in the womb while still swimming in its amniotic fluid sack. how cute would fetus look in a fetus marc jacobs two piece swim suit!? I know. im a sick f*ck.

I need help.

so ok. so the reason god hasn’t allowed me to have kids is, the world debt, let alone the national debt as we all know is outrageous. the big guy (god) thought the extra spend-a-ture/damage I would do having my kids/fetuses outfitted in all marc would tip the debt over the edge where it would spell doom to the human population/economy. aka: the world would be ruined.

smart guy that god. guess this is a prime example of homeostasis. I think that’s what I think that means.

ps: I almost got these ballet flats in the adult version (for me of course). another reason I shouldn’t have kids, it’ll be buy kid one outfit = mommy gets ten outfits. its only fair…

syracuse beat "fanatical" nova II tee

taking a break from hibernation and showin the bloggy some looove.

plus in uber bored at work and sick of staring/trying to will the clock to turn 5:00pm (aka: world’s official time for happy hour). its almost as popular as that other official time to do bad things. 4:20 (am or pm tho. potheads obviously have no sense of time or care what time they blaze. not that drunks don’t either). tho if you start drinking at 5:00am you might have a legitimate problem. (aka: alcoholic).

so our (the syracuse orangemen) yearly matchup with villanova is approaching. not so much the hoopla/record setting implications as last years (which this maniac was at in person and drunk). but just as importante as this will be a matchup of 2 top 10 teams. we’re ranked higher tho. #4 b!tches.

listen. I kno about 99.7% of the world doesn’t give two sh!ts of all my syracuse rambling. but the rest of the 0.3% population of the world who are fanatical orangemen fans do. I do it for the orangepeople. big ups to the cuse.

ps: they made new tees for 2011’s blessed cuse/nova matchup. not as cool as the original beat nova tees (of course I have one).

plus my closet it literally about to upchuck with all the f*cking orange gear I have. I don’t need another freakin tee. unless one of my fellow devoted fanatical orangepeople wanna buy me one for a really belated thanksgiving/christmas gift, I will glady accept.

beat nova. b!tches.

click for more info: syracuse beat nova II tee