Thursday, December 2, 2010

the script science & "hot" faith

im itching like I got bed bug bitty bites to listen to this album!

the hottie band from the emerald isle’s newest album drops in the good ole u.s. of a january 18, 2011. however, the lucky (naturally) irish were able to snag this album back in september. guess the motherland home country gets 1st dibs. boo.

plus on itunes (yes im starting to buy music. its apparently a federal offense to steal music. boo) they only give you a preview of the 1 song “officially” released.

so this impatient arse (definition: @ss in british, and maybe even irish) decides. I cannot wait. so, in the midst of blogging this post, I go on and purch@ss this album for £10.68. its set to dispatch (british proper noun for shipping) tomorrow! woo hoo. for those of you dyyyyying to convert that to dollars, go knock yourself out. I can care less. tho if you do find out, feel free to email/comment/call/e.t. phone home me the total…

cant remember the last actual cd I bought…

nope still cant remember…


I hope a cd is a cd. not like stoopid dvds that have weirdo formats. I mean, you kno, ive been outta the whole buying cds game for a long hot minute. im kinda outta the loop.

ps: since im like soooo intuitive and smart (ha) notice the u.s. drop date on the script’s official website reads 1/18/10. someone had year-ities. my newly documented discovered human-psycho-neuro diagnosed disease where one keeps typing the year before even after the turn of the new year. this because of the muscle memory has atrophied in the brain and its thinking it’s the year before because of habit. evidence of my smart @ss here

in lay-man’s terms. its 2011, and you dummy keep typing/writing 2010. generally, the disease cures itself after a couple months and/or your type-o caused a natural computation disaster whereas you’ve learned your lesson not to type 2010 ever every again. dude. imagine if you typed on a birth certificate the little whipper (whipper-a in espanol) being borned 1/3/2010, instead 1/3/2011.

tho 1 benefit of being a year older than you are, you get to drive a year early. or more importantly drink “legally” at 21. but seriously who really drinks their 1st alcoholic drink at 21?........

pps: wow this is a wordy post. note to self: shut your pie hole and get back to work!

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