Friday, December 3, 2010

michael michael kors hamilton camo "modern" convertible tote

add this mission to my bucket list.

before I die I die I die, I need to get this bag. what irks me even more-er is I saw a chick at bloomies w/it last nite and it looked hawt. hot. en fuego. torched. bonfire. stick a fork in me im on fire!

confession: I saw this bag [b!tch] on like a month ago. the only reason I didn’t pull the trigger and buy it (yes, I have some sorta shopping restraint) it looked waay to big and I couldn’t use the macys coupon. ugh. whatta farty farce. ok. 2 reasons.

ok, I lied. another reason: macys doesn’t take bloomingdales cards. like ewe. I mean department stores are department stores, its like a modern family (if you watch the tv show, unlike me you would know what this means. and/or if you live in the 21st century [yes, that’s now. 2010] that’s pretty much every family these days. the only things blood-ly related these days in families are the pet hamsters [well, how convenient is inbreeding?])

ok. lost my train of thought. anywho. my point is bloomingdales cards should be accepted anywhere. like I should be able to buy a skinny latte at starbucks w/my bloomies store card. preach sista! preeeeach!

ok. I lied. thought of another reason: thought I couldn’t fit my fat arm around the bag strap, and use like a shoulder bag. apparently not. chick at bloomies last nite had no problemo doing so. which pee’d me off even more!

because you know why?...

of course is sold out!

and you know what?...

I want it even more!

gosh. im sucha model shopping addict. someone get me a shrink! and a drink!

happy [not black] friday.

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