Wednesday, December 8, 2010

godiva chocolate infused "kick" vodka

I mean they don’t need to make alcohol taste like candy for me to drink it. but who am I to complain?

I may just turn over a new leaf and become a vodka drinker. figure the hangover isn’t as bad as a whiskey hangover. I know. gasp. its just the old age thing. finally creeping up and kicking me in the @ss. but not like a love tap kick. its like crank back wind up “woooosh” karate kid-esqe kick in the @ss. almost like putting the leg in a slingshot and just letting ‘er rip right on my tush.

my liver is laughing with glee. its finally gotten its revenge after two decades of plotting to get me back for all the liver-ache ive put him/her thru.

click for more info: godiva chocolate infused vodka

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