Thursday, December 9, 2010

go back to sparta...spartacus

*note: was supposed to publish this yesterday. blogpress not cooperating. blogpress-a either had her period and/or just was being a stubborn biotch. anywho found my way around the issue somehow. why are chicks soo complicated?!

all eyes were at the garden last nite. nationally televised on espn game. #8 michigan state vs #7 syracuse. clash of two top ten teams. jimmy v classic.

chants of an overrated cuse team this year. even our coach jimmy b boeheim sez so himself (boo). I semi believed it with our sh!tty performances this far. but my weepy over-optimistic @ss (well oiled due to 24 years as a woeful mets fan) always had faith in my orange.

well when the orange colored pixy dust cleared last nite, 72-58 was the score. domination orange furballs.

I must've watched sportscenter highlights like 5 times this morning. got goose bumps seeing this headline on amazeballs night. only thing missing was otto.

where the f*ck was he?! looked for him all game long.I figured he was a) snowed in syracuse b) diligently studying for finals back in syracuse c) drunk past out at the bathroom stall after pregamming hard at the bar. can you imagine crouching down at the stalls and seeing otto's feet? funny sh!t

it's one of those ya had to be there moments. and last nite at the garden was one of those ya had to be there games. pure sheer fun. go orange. go cuse.

ps on the "note": this post would've been more "powerful" if posted/read yesterday. sh!t gets stale after 2 days in my bloggy post bread pantry. blogpress-a you're sucha kill joy. bioootch.

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