Thursday, November 4, 2010

white castle pulled "waiver" pork

dude. ive literally been outta the game. someone needs to place me on fast food waivers cause my food performance is horrible. if you got me on your fast food fantasy team, drop my @ss. actually I’ll make it easier, i’ll put myself on injured [food fatty] reserve. definitely. indefinitely.

when the f*ck did sh!t castle make pulled pork sangwiches?! meandering white castle’s website has been life food changing.

I mean the item description says it all on the “menu” section of the site. “it’s white castle. it’s pulled pork. you’re welcome.”

that is food poetry to my belly. now pulled pork sangwich…

get. in. ma. belly!!

ps: how cute?! my internet explorer tab has a little hamburger when you open up on it. sooo cute I had to take a screen shot.

pps: notice. the most awesome-ist and tastiest blog in the universe (shopping out loud.)’s tab is sitting next to tab. its like elvis sitting next to michael jackson. superstar match made in heaven. literally.

click for more info: white castle pulled pork

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