Thursday, November 4, 2010

white castle "uhh" breakfast

uh. since when did white castle serve breakfast?!

this has been the best kept secret (from me) since finding out mariah carey is preggo.

speakin of preggo. im must be preggo (which literally would be an act of god in this case). im trolling/stalking the internet looking for pictures of [sexy] food. like, staring at my computer screen looking/swooning at pictures of fast food. I mean it doesn’t help that they photoshop airbrush these foods to look extra [sexy] juicy. its makes my food pheromones race.

oooh baby. sausage cheese on bun, you is a hot tamale! [insert cat call whistle whistle].

its literally like me clicking thru the white castle website is like a perv clicking thru the similarities are striking.

I got mad issues.

click for more info: white castle breakfast

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