Tuesday, November 23, 2010

marc by marc jacobs petal to the medal "dodo" natasha messenger bag

we just had our holiday party last nite (yes. on a monday. that’s how we roll). so you can just imagine what [hell bent outta] shape I am in today.

only thing im good for today is eating all your food and shopping online. cause both don’t involve me using my brain neurons. cause currently brain neurons are not synapse-ing (aka: out of order).

tho typing now, is causing some sorta painful synapse, tho that also might be the melting of my membrane. soon enough it may ooze outta my ears. ooh fun. just one request brain, please ooze after lunch time, cause I don’t wanna loose my appetite, let alone my…lunch.

ok. new subject. what is up with marc by marc jacobs and birds? its not bothering me, but im just curious what has brought on the sudden bird theme in his most recent merch? is he serious about saving birds? if so what kinda birds? dodo birds (tho think those b!tches are extinct)…

actually never mind. I really don’t care about the birds. I just care for marc by marc jacobs sh!t. even more when im hanged-over. it puts me in a good mood (for once).

btw. whenever im in a good mood, people question me. like are you ok? you run over an old geriatric person? apparently, my good mood is as rare as a dodo bird. meaning, pretty non-existent.

haha. almost posted this sh!t and realized I didn’t even mention the bag.

its pretty. its got birds (apparently my new fave aminal). and its marc by marc jacobs. hows that for a product review? ***** (5 stars)

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