Friday, November 12, 2010

marc by marc jacobs mini "garnish" mp3 speaker

warning: im gonna have diarrhea of marc by marc jacobs in the next hour. if you don’t love [obsessed/stalking] him the way I do, I suggest you shut you pie hole and just sit back and worship the marc by marc jacobs products (and empire) that im about to spew on yo @ss…

holiday shopping people. it no longer starts day after tofurky day (in honor of you veggie-tarians). no longer does black friday mark the day of holiday wackadoodle-ness. no people. get on it! you start holiday shopping the minute after day light savings time ends. I mean we’ve been saving daylight for all these months, now its time to spend what we’ve saved! (that absolutely makes no sense. lame. I tried.)

most importante thing of holiday shopping is stocking stuffers. it’s the accoutrement of the holiday gift. so if youre gonna get me one, get me something good. cause im all about condom-ents.

so since I got like 50 ipods, what better garnish than a mini mp3 speaker (by marc by marc jacobs of course…)

hold the parsley.

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