Tuesday, November 16, 2010

grammar rebellion. on guuuuuard!... (yes ive lost my mind. its 4pm ive had a large cawffee and im fn craaacked out)

I sometimes go back and read my masterpieces of blog post. just to remind myself what a wackadoode-ly funny genius I am. and also, jesus. i must get such rapid diarrhea of my thought process that I literally blog faster than I type (make sense?).

obviously, as evidence of my un-grammatical display of the english language in this blog, I do not (nor ever will) posses a copy editor. aka a little hamster with thick horned rimmed glasses proof reading bullsh!t. I wont allow proof reading. I even turn of auto cap and spell check for goodness sake. grammar rebellion! roooooooooooar!

plus editing means:

a) I have to [painfully] read the mess ive created (I make mess. I don’t clean)
b) I have to read
c) my innate and natural ability of writing funny sh!t shall not be touched. its like the amazon jungle. mother nature’s natural beauty. do not touch.
d) the realization that my grammar school teachers were bribed by my family (aka the korean mafia) to pass me in every grade. meanwhile, I still think punctuation marks were just cute shapes added to sentences for some sorta decorative purposes.

that’s all.

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