Thursday, November 4, 2010

gold bff "obnoxious" chat necklace

my [icy cold] heart melted when I saw this necklace. listen im pms-ing. this is the best and worst time to get me.

worst: if you bother me, I’ll kill you.

best: if you wanna see me cry/gush over the stoopidest sh!t. ie: spilt leche…

this reminds me of when I was in 4th grade and bought one of those best friend heart necklaces that broke into 2 pieces. so obviously I keep one and my “bff” at that time (I had a revolving door of bff’s for obvious reasons. currently being an obnoxious adult [me] usually pretty much means I was a f*cking obnoxious adolescent [lil me]) kept the other one.

well, obnoxious lil me brings the other half to school one and pretty much asks a roster of chicks at the lunch table, so who should I give this to? like literally interviewing each one for the coveted position as my executive bff. eventually the bff [job] search ended with no avail. so I ended up keeping the other half for myself. lol…

not much as changed in the last 20 years. yes. 2 decades. yes. 4 half decades. yes. 5 leap years. yes. 240 months. anywho. meaning, if im buying you a gift, im usually gonna keep it and give you a lump of coal.

im a super [mutated] breed of an indian giver. get used to it. bah fn humbug.

ps: I have no fn business being on I kno. however, im busy looking for a 60th birthday pressy for my mommy. and obviously, im not doing a great job lookin for her pressy. but doin a dang good job lookin for my own pressy and pressies for me, myself and i. see im not that selfish.

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