Thursday, November 18, 2010

crate & barrel woof dog meow cat "bastard" stockings

for most people, pets are like family members. for most people, pets are more loved than certain family members. I mean I loved my lil gerby gerbil kirby more than…

…sh!t I forgot my bro and sis read this blog. love ya guys! tee hee hee. (dude. gotta smooth sh!t over with the sibs, if I wanna get a christmas gift from those two. wink wink.)

anywho. we love love love our pets so much, well now their stocking must get a place on the mantle. next to mommy, daddy, brother, sister, step sister, step brother, ½ brother, ex-step sister, 6th cousin, great ex-step aunt, and bastard illegitimate ½ sister (well pending d.n.a. results, to be revealed on next week’s maury).

ps: what if your cat and/or dog decided they were jewish? I mean cant force religion on your pets. im just sayin…

someone get that kitty a menorah!

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