Friday, October 22, 2010

zoo owl "liquid" lunch bag

im obsessed with this thing. I just bought it for my friend’s baby shower. heavily pondering going back and buying one for myself.

speaking of halloween. what an ingenious disguise [costume] for my daily “liquid” lunch. no one will suspect a thang. even better, I can pour my “liquid” lunch in a sippy cup. hot diggity gosh im sucha f*cking genious!

ps: sh!t. hope she doesn’t read this blog before tomorrow. if so, woops. surprise tash! this is what im getting you for your baby shower. amongst other things that I will avoid posting like an idiot before the event.

pps: actually hope she reads this. cause then I can screw the gift wrapping. yes work por me!

click for more info: zoo owl lunch bag

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