Thursday, October 28, 2010

xxl "sperminated" chalupa

god. honking down a 6 pack of these b!tches would produce an amaaazingly enormous food baby. when can I get sperminated?

ewe. gross. sorry. I literally wrote about food and human juices in the same sentence. groddy gross.

anywho. the closest taco bell is 50 madison ave [click for map/directions from office – taco bell] as aforementioned in the previous post. obviously this is part deux doo...

im literally drooling (someone gimme a bib. and a beer.) staring at this beefcake masterpiece.

so im reading the description, cause apparently my work computer doesn’t have smell-a-vision (someone get the IT dept here. stat. and a beer. even stat-er) to get an accurate account on all the ingredients. and the kicker is this chupa-chalupa-cabra is topped with reduced-fat sour cream. [insert lmao-esque giggle here].

listen. im not one to talk. I’ll prob wash these b!tches down with some [jack &] diet coke. I mean you gotta skim off some of the calories if you’re gonna consume 650 calories x 6 = I dunno my calculator just crapped out on me. I think its on a lunch break. wait. I bet that b!tch went to taco bell w/o me. that calculating biootch!


listen. lets not have this attitude “well im already eating 6000 calories, whats another 500?” every calorie counts. that’s why they call it calorie counting. that extra 500 calories can be the difference between life and death (aka heart attack)/a size 6 jeans and size 14 jeans/chin or double chin/liposuction or gastric bypass/34A or 38A/dingleberry dookie or big big dookie (ewe).

such pressing life decisions. do the right thing. get the diet coke. you’ll thank me later with a gift certificate to where else?

taco bell.

click for more info: taco bell xxl chalupa

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  1. Awww man, you have a way with words...any chance of me eating that thing just went down the toilet!
    "food and human juices in the same sentence" Bleeeechh! OMG! The visual just popped into the cabeza, not good. However disgusting, you are funny Angela! Keep it coming, I gotta check my blogs more often. LMAO!