Thursday, October 28, 2010

sound of music 45th anniversary dvd "rarrr" edition

edel f*cking weiss [pronounced e- del - f*cking – vais].

its been 45 years since mary [julie andrews] poopins do-a-deer’d us in this classic flick. literally the only reason im aware of this blessed edel-anniversary is the original cast (including the jon & kate plus 8 minus 1 brood of von trappy children) are appearing on the oprah winfrey show…actually airing today. well actually in t-minus 18 minutes.

and on this anniversary, of course they must issue a special dvd edition. I mean the retired von trappy kids need to make a living somehow, someway. thank god for royalties.

ps: christopher plummer aka captain von trapp was one hot piece of @ss in this film. i woulda climbed his every mountain (w/a nun costume) anytime. anyday. raaaarrrrr…

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